Being Digitally Engaging

5.30 - 8.30PM - Thurs 21ST September @ QUAD DERBY

Using interactive content to achieve higher engagement.

Robert Dawes, Director at Future Proof Films will be looking at engagement through digital media and video content. There will be lively discussion around what engagement can mean to different companies, brands and campaigns. He will be looking at examples of engaging marketing videos, which will illustrate principles and best practices that will help everyone to achieve valuable engagement through video content.

We also have Jack Williams; Creative Director of creative digital agency Archer Hampson, and Editor of IN; a Derby-based media brand. Jack will be talking about “How to Ignore the “How To”: My 7 Semi-Dangerous Thoughts on Digital Media” and will discuss the ways in which we can professionally and personally approach digital media without losing our soul.

There will be plenty of networking time and refreshments before the session and a Q & A after.

Speaker bio

Future Proof FIlms.pngRobert is a Director at Future Proof Films who joined shortly after the company formed in 2015. With a strong background in email marketing, digital marketing and managing PPC campaigns, Robert merged his love for business with his love for film - he’s also an acclaimed short-film director. In their short time as a company, Future Proof Films has produced video content for clients such as the BBC, Oracle, Mercedes Benz and LG, along with many other great companies.

Jack Williams IN Mag.png

Jack Williams is the Creative Director of creative digital agency Archer Hampson, and Editor of IN; a Derby-based media brand. At Archer Hampson, Jack is one of two Partners – the other being his long-suffering mother, Alison.

As Creative Director of Archer Hampson, Jack – somewhat unusually – oversees both the technical aspect of the company’s website and application development, as well as managing the companies design and creative output. Along with his videographer colleague Ollie, Jack also operates and directs the business’s video production arm.

As Editor of IN, Jack and his team grew what was purely a free print publication into a multi-channel brand that produces daily online content for distribution over its fast-growing social channels.

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