Building A Tech Community

5.30 - 8.30PM - Wednesday 29th March @ QUAD DERBY

The creation of Tech Nottingham.

Like many cities, Nottingham has always had a large number of people working in technology. However when they're locked away in their offices not talking to each other you can't call it a thriving tech industry.

This was the situation just over five years ago when Tech Nottingham organised its first event. Lots of smart talented technical people not communicating. Not communicating, not meeting each other, not learning from one another, not finding jobs together and not starting businesses.

There were no tech meetups and there was no online community.

Today Tech Notttingham runs the largest of over 20 free tech meetups every month in Nottingham, a world-renowned annual hackathon - Hack24 at the Nottingham Council House; a hugely successful student outreach programme, an online community of over 800 local tech people and has helped its members find jobs, start businesses and get better at what they do.

Tech Nottingham is working to make Nottingham a better place to live and work in technology and succeeding.

In this talk Andrew will cover how all this was achieved by two people with no public funding whilst also working full time jobs.


Speaker bio

andrewface3.pngAndrew is the founder of Tech Nottingham and Hack24 and is Head of Product at Cronofy. He's been working in software in various capacities for 12 years and these days he tends to product manage APIs. He also runs, cycles and keeps bees.


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