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The future of Fashion


Wednesday 16th February 2022 at QUAD

4.30PM - 8.30PM


Join us as we hear from industry experts Erica Horne (CAD for Fashion) and Chathura Sudharshan (Seamless Source) as they each will be delivering sessions looking at creating a sustainable brand to operating sustainable supply chains..

  • Is sustainability the new black
  • How can we all do our bit for the environment?
  • What is the future of fashion?

This Fashion Masterclass, will be practical step by step presentations, that have been created to guide start-ups to established businesses/entrepreneurs in the fashion and business sector on how to set up and run a successful sustainable fashion business.


A 'dummies' guide to starting a sustainable fashion brand by ERICA HORNE (CAD for Fashion)

What does the term 'sustainable' fashion brand actually mean? From concept to product development to selling your wares; Erica will give you a snapshot of what creating a sustainable brand entails. With so many confusing messages out there and a new law just passed on 'green washing' it's so important we cut through the mess and get down to the specifics. Erica's 'Dummies' guide will be busting the jargon and breaking things down so we can all make more informed choices for our brands, our shopping choices and our planet.

Hosted by Erica Horne, who is a University Lecturer and founder of CAD for Fashion, known for her expertise in computer-aided design for fashion and textiles. However, it is her past roles as a designer and product developer that lead to her working with start-ups brands supporting them with the many challenges they face in order to be sustainable and also grow sustainably. Erica is also the recipient of the 2020 'Best Digital/Creative Start Up' Mainframe Award.

session TWO

Building a sustainable supply chain by chathura sudharshan (SEAMLESS SOURCE)

"In today’s thriving fashion industry it is confronting a number of worldwide and domestic challenges, from poor working conditions in garment factories to the origins of raw materials and the environmental impact of the wider industry. Not only are these issues causing reputational risks and impacting the bottom line, consumer expectations and new industry regulations are also powerful forces driving demand for a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious supply chain. In this session, Chathura will explore the current state of the apparel supply chain, and identify potential opportunities for the industry to move forward.

Hosted by Chathura Sudharshan, an entrepreneur who is building a global digital fashion supply chain and believes digitalisation could make the fashion industry more sustainable and transparent. Chathura is also the founder of Seamless Source ( which was formerly known as Chanodil. Seamless Source was founded in 2019 by Chathura, who has both educational and professional experience in the fashion industry. He did work in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Italy, France, Germany and UK on many projects related to the fashion industry and supply chain. His startup Seamless Source is an automated omnichannel sourcing platform and integrated order management tool that helps SME fashion brands build digitalised, faster, leaner and more responsible supply chains, all in one place with industry-leading reliable, responsible and sustainable suppliers across the globe. He is also the recipient of the 2021 'Digital Disruptor' Mainframe Award."


4.30pm - 5.00pm - Arrival/refreshments

5.00pm - 6.15pm - session One - A 'dummies' guide to starting a sustainable fashion brand

6.30pm - 7.15pm - session Two - Building a sustainable supply chain

7.30pm - 8.30pm - Networking


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