Im Just Derbz-1Mainframe Masterclass Presents...

The Music Industry 101 (WITH ijd)

Monday 31st January 2022 at QUAD 4.00pm-7.00pm

Join us as we bring you a Mainframe Masterclass on the music industry in collaboration with imjustderbz.





We are really pleased to bring our second instalment of the Mainframe Masterclass series, this time looking at Music.

  • Do you have an interest in the music industry?
  • Want to know how you can get involved whether as an artist/producer?
  • Or maybe you want to set up your own business or you just have an interest in music?

Whether you are new to the scene, established or simply have an interest in the industry and want to network with like-minded industry professionals then this masterclass is for you.

Hear from the founders of ImJustDerbz and how they set up their online platform pushing Derby’s music and entertainment scene. We will also be joined by other industry professionals pushing the music scene in Derby and nationally.


IJD otherwise known as IMJUSTDERBZ is a promotional platform for the people of Derby and surrounding areas. IJD focus on promoting all local talents no matter what form or area/department. The company was founded in late 2018 by Isaac and is now co-owned by Jordan Doyle, Yasmin Reilly & Isaac Branford. The company has since established and is a known platform use to promote something or showcase success. IJD is all about alternative culture and aims to connect all sides of Derby together through events, campaigns & community projects. IMJUSTDERBZ plans to have many more events like this to help the up & coming talents of Derby. In 2022 The company now has 26,000 followers on Instagram and is still growing incredibly fast. Thousands of creatives have had their talent, work or business promoted through IJD and continue to use the platform to get themselves out there. Since the start of the company to now, the brand has pushed hundreds of people to the next step of their career, getting the city to get behind the talents and engage with the content they post from people across Derby & Derbyshire. IMJUSTDERBZ continues to give people opportunities from first live performances to DJ gigs. IJD is the number 1 social media platform for the city.

Panel Guestsijd banner 2

How to release music/music business
Host: DJ Figa (Kemet FM)
  • Guv Singh (Catalyst)
  • Baby J (Baby People)
  • Tru-skool (International Producer)
  • Dean Jackson (BBC)
  • Josh Hutchinson (UKPresents)
What's in Derby for upcoming artist
Host: Adam Buss (City of Culture 2025, Derby)
  • Eyez (Deby College Group)
  • Nemz (Derby City Council)
  • Josh Hutchinson (UKPresents)
  • Jay Dean (Dubrek Studios)
  • DJ Figa (DJ/Kemet FM)


  • 4-5pm - Networking, light refreshments
  • 5-6pm – Music Masterclass – How to release music/music business
  • 6-7pm – Music Masterclass – What's in Derby for upcoming artists